• Minister’s Office
  • Deputy Minister’s Office
  • Secretary General’s Office
  • Deputy Secretary General’s Office (Planning and Commercialisation)
  • Deputy Secretary General’s Office (Science, Technology and Innovation)
  • Senior Under Secretary’s Office (Strategic Planning)
  • Senior Under Secretary’s Office (Fund and R&D Commercialisation )
  • Senior Under Secretary’s Office (Management)
  • National Nanotechnology Directorate (NND)
  • Integrity Unit
  • KPI Unit
  • Corporate Communication Unit
  • Internal Audit Unit
  • Legal Unit
  • Human Resource Management Division
  • Information Technology Management Division
  • Account Division
  • Administration Division
  • Finance Division
  • Development Division
  • Policy and Strategic Coordination Division
  • STI Talent Development Division
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Division
  • Malaysian Science and Technology  Information Centre (MASTIC)
  • Technology Transfer and Commercialisation of R & D
  • Fund Division
  • Bumiputera Economic Empowerment Unit
  • Technology Foresight Division
  • Strategic Technology and ST Application
  • STI Development, Services and Acculturation Division
  • National Nanotechnology Centre
  • International Division
  • National Science Centre
  • National Planetarium




Government Link Companies (GLC)


Subsidiary Company of Khazanah


Statutory Body


Non Government Organizations