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Untuk Permohonan Dana Tekno Sila klik Di Sini


InnoFund is a grant scheme which funds the development or improvement of new or existing products, processes or services with elements of innovation. The project must have economic value and improves the societal well-being of the community. InnoFund can be categorized into Enterprise InnoFund (EIF) and Community InnoFund (CIF).


To increase the participation of micro-businesses, individuals in innovative activities and encourage technological innovation of new or existing products, process or services for commercialisation.


InnoFund Guideline

PDF, 511 kb, 16 pages
Language, English


Quantum of Funding, Scope of Funding, Research and Priority Areas, Approval Criteria, Fund Agreement, Project Monitoring, Intellectual Property (IP) Rights


Pre Commercialisation Fund (InnoFund) Secretariat
Fund Division, Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI)
Level 4, Block C4, Parcel C
Federal Government Administrative Centre
62662 Putrajaya.

Tel: 603 – 8885 8298
Fax: 603 – 8885 8367