Ooli Gunalan a l Manickam

Ooli Gunalan a/l Manickam

Senior Under Secretary (Management)
Chief Information Officer (CIO)
Chief Digital Officer (CDO)



  1. Establish and lead a team of security work of the ICT Ministry;
  2. Assist the Secretary General in the performance of tasks involving ICT security;
  3. Menentukan keperluan keselamatan ICT;
  4. Coordinate the development and implementation of training and awareness programmes on ICT security;
  5. Memastikan semua pengguna memahami dan mematuhi Polisi Keselamatan Siber (PKS) Kementerian;
  6. Ensure all organizational needs (financial resources, consumer resources and security protection) are adequate; and
  7. Merancang penilaian risiko dan program keselamatan ICT di dalam Polisi Keselamatan Siber (PKS) Kementerian mengikut peraturan-peraturan yang sedang berkuat kuasa.


  1. Addressing the use of data analytics and technology focuses on an organizations in the fields of digital technology, data infrastructure and data governance;
  2. Transforming digital products, services and data-driven innovators focused on Government and consumer services especially those involving data analytics, digital literacy and self-service platforms;
  3. Transforming the customer experience as a whole-of-government focused on data-driven innovator primarily involves data sharing, open data, new technologies, smart technologies and digital services between agencies and regulatory;
  4. Assess, coordinate, certify digital service requirements, technical service design and development budget and manage agencies as implementers of digitization initiatives and projects;
  5. Leading the change through the alignment of the Digitalization Strategic Plan (PSP) of the Ministry with:
    i. Ensure Ministry PSP is inline with Public Sector Strategic Digitalization Plan and Risk Management and Change Management Plan; and
    ii. Strengthening the agency’s digitalization governance structure and coordinating the adoption of global policies, guidelines and best practices