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The user Manual can be downloaded: User-Manual

W3c: Disabled Access

The portal facilitates access of persons with disabilities/Disability Access.

Users Improve It Glare

For consumer blindness glare, there are several color options available on each page Portal. Users can choose the color selection of contrast is given which is Dark (dark), moderate (medium) and light (light). This Portal page template color will change immediately after the choice is made.

Elderly Users

For citizens, the Portal exists provide facilities size choice different text of the w3c. Text size options are displayed on each page Portal. Users can choose whether to choose text size larger or smaller, as appropriate.

The Search Function

The use of search engines is easy to find the information you want. The search engine supports the use of Wildcards and Boolean Operators when doing a search.


  • You can use the example format like this when doing a search as follows: technology *
  • The search will list any information that contains the keyword “technology”

Boolean Operators

  • You can use the word “AND”, “OR” parenthesis,, =, >, <, < =, > =
  • The following is an example of the format that you can use: SCIENCE AND INNOVATION.
  • Boolean Operators allow you to narrow the scope of the search to a more specific subjects.

Frequency Portal Updated

Changes, updates and display information is done on a daily basis. However, not all page is updated on a daily basis.

A Web Browser

The portal was developed using technology which is at speed, security and usability for the user. To best view Portal, your proposed use:

  1. Microsoft Internet Explorer/EDGE
  2. Mozilla Firefox
  3. Google Chrome
  4. Opera


The Ministry strives to best make this Portal meets the standard criteria as outlined by the World Wide Web Consortium and can be accessed from any network. But the Ministry also subscribe if you find any error while browsing this Portal. Therefore, if you encounter the issue of access to the information in this website, please contact us at the contact provided.


The portal has a number of policies and copyright notice which explains the use of information and material contained in the Portal. The privacy policy explains how the Ministry of protecting the information that you share within the Portal.

Terms and conditions of use of the Portal

Use of this website is subject to the Web Security Policy.

What should I do if find any links that do not work?

If you find a link that does not work while browsing this Portal. You are welcome to provide report about a link that doesn’t work so we can fix the error.

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