Corporate Communication Unit


The primary role of Corporate Communications Unit is as a focal point for Ministry in the delivery and dissemination of information, increasing the Ministry’s corporate image, public relations, media , complaints management and customer service.


  • To provide effective and efficient public relation services;
  • To ensure Ministry’s image enhancement through effective and efficient public relation delivery system; and
  • To widen the job scope and public relation’s role in fulfilling the needs of its clients and stakeholders.


  • Branding and maintaining Ministry’s positive image.
  • Implementing and maintaining good relations and rapport with mass media, all agencies under Ministry through professional public relations approach.
  • Coordinating publicity and media coverage for Ministry.
  • Assisting in handling events (Event Management ), visitors and acting as an exhibitions coordinator.
  • Planning and managing Ministry’s portal and publications such as Annual Reports, brochures, pamphlets, photography and other documentations.
  • Managing public relation and strategical planning with media to convey information effectively and timeliness of overall ministry’s objective.
  • Manage feedback and issues which involve ministry’s image and good relationship with media also to correct about wrong coverage and perception.
  • Act as well as a coordinator media officer and to be part of the management in the ministry.
    Act asa coordinator for Public Complaints / Customer.
  • Responsible for protocol through Event Management for ministries concerned.

Client Charter

We promise and committ to provide efficiently, professionally, ethically and friendly services to our customer in the following:

  • Monitoring issues / feedback about the ministry in local newspapers and internet, make paper cuttings about the issues, record and distribute for daily information for the ministry management;
  • Taking immediate action to complaints / respond within 3 days;
  • Monitoring contents of information in Ministry’s Portal and updating once a week;
  • Coordinating compilation of Ministry’s annual activities, in the month of January every year; and
  • Ensuring Ministry’s promotion / publicity planning to be executed as scheduled.
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