Development Division


After MOSTI’s restructuring, through warrant Bil.E78 2007 dated 16 December 2007,the Development and Procurement Division was renamed as The Development Division. The Development Division now manages and coordinates budget and development projects to be implemented under the 5 Year Malaysia Plan, for all the Departments/Agencies/Divisions under MOSTI.


To provide support service to the Ministry and its divisions/departments/agencies in harnessing the progress of science, technology and innovation through efficient and effective management of the budget and development projects under the Ministry


  • To coordinate and monitor projects/programs under the Rolling Plans of the 10th Malaysia Plan.
  • To distribute the yearly allocation to enable the Divisions, Departments, Agencies under the Ministry to implement development projects
  • To be the secretariat for the Ministry’s Development Action Committee Meeting (JTPK).
  • To be the secretariat for the Ministry’s Development Action Committee Pre Council Meeting (JTPK).
  • To coordinate and monitor the updating of development projects’/programs’ information through the Project Monitoring System (SPPII).
  • To conduct site visits for development projects/programs regularly to monitor the implementation of the projects/programs.
  • To coordinate and assist the Divisions/Departments/Agencies under MOSTI in matters of land application with the Departments of the Director General of Lands and Mines (JKPTG).
  • To manage the National Innovation Fund (TIN) effective 1 November 2010.
  • To prepare the expenditure and projects’/programs’ report to the central agencies.

Client Charter

We are committed to provide services with full of commitment, integrity and accountability to satisfy our clients. We endeavour to fulfill our responsibilities, which are:

  • To distribute allocation warrants to the divisions/departments/agencies within 5 working days upon receiving the general warrant from the Ministry of Finance
  • To update expenditure records and implementation status of the development projects before the 25th of every monthTo submit quarterly cash flow of development allocation expenditures to the Ministry of Finance
  • within 5 working days upon request by the Ministry of Finance
  • To assist in applications of land acquisition as project sites to the Department of the Director General of Lands and Mines (JKPTG) within 5 working days from the date of application as received from the departments/divisions/agencies
  • To respond to clients’ enquiries within 5 working days upon receipt
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