Human Resource Management Division (PSM)


The Human Resource Management Division (HRM) is responsible to manage all matters relating to human resource affairs within the Ministry. In response to the current needs, HRM Division aims to :-

  • Offer the best service in order to provide and develope human capital which is in high quality in various fields including skills and knowledge.
  • Implement human resource planning in order to achieve individuals and organization which are competent, excellent and harmonious.

The HRM Division comprises of the following sections/units :-

  • Organization Development and Human Resource Planning Section.
  • Services Section.
  • Human Resource Development and Competency Section.
  • Performance Appraisal and Promotion Unit
  • HRMIS Unit
  • Psychology Management Unit
  • Administration Unit


To ensure MOSTI and its agencies have competent and highly trained personnel, structured organisation and a well-managed human resource to produce an efficient and productive workforce


The HRM Division comprises of the following sections and units:


  • To plan Human Resource Development needs and projecting organisation development for MOSTI in line with PSD policies and plans
  • Conducting Human Resource Audit and updating MOSTI’s current designation list
  • Analysing the list of service schemes under the Ministry


  • Managing and coordinating the intake of Management and Professional level Officers with Public Services Commission of Malaysia (SPA) and the respective Heads of Services
  • Managing the intake of staff under the delegation of power by SPA
  • Managing all matters regarding confirmation for posts appointed, confirmation in the service, extension of trial period and also entrance into pensionable schemes
  • Managing all matters regarding retirement and retirement benefits as in line with Public Service Circulars and policies
  • Managing all matters regarding leave in accordance with the General Order Chapter C
  • To plan and manage human resource staffing


  • Planning and organising general courses and training including Program Transformasi Minda and Islamic Affairs Program for in-service personnel.
  • Coordinating and processing application for in-house training organised by MOSTI Departments.
  • Managing and processing applications for all domestic and overseas training organised by Public Service Department program or public training program and applications for further studies (Hadiah Latihan Persekutuan, Cuti Belajar, Yuran Pengajian).
  • Monitoring the number of training days attended by MOSTI personnel through SPL so as to meet the 7 days training per year requirement.)
  • Managing and processing industrial training application from public and private universities.
  • Secretariat for the Ministry’s Public Examination Board (Lembaga Peperiksaan Perkhidmatan Kementerian).


  • Planning and implementing the promotion of Non- Common User Services staff at the headquarters and departments/agencies under MOSTI.
  • Coordinating the promotion of Common User Services staff at Headquarters and departments /agencies under MOSTI.
  • Secretariat for the Human Resources Development Panel at the Ministry level.
  • Coordinating the staff performance appraisal report in the headquarters.
  • Managing the Assets Declaration from staff in Headquarters and Director Generals of the department/agencies under MOSTI manually and through HRMIS system.
  • Managing the award nominations for the Honorary Titles/Star/Medal from the State and Federal for staff in Headquarters, Departments / Agencies and Companies under MOSTI.
  • Managing the individual land application from staff in Headquarters and Department /Agencies under MOSTI.


  • Managing Personal Data and Service Data staff in agency.
  • Coordinating and monitoring the implementation of HRMIS in the Ministry and its agencies.
  • Coordinating with PSD for the implementation of HRMIS in the Ministry and its agencies.
  • Managing training involving HRMIS users.
  • Acting as a Helpdesk to solve problems of the users.
  • Ensuring all basic data in HRMIS is updated and approved.
  • Point of reference for agencies in implementing HRMIS.


  • To plan the needs for psychology  and  counseling services.
  • To conduct psychological and counseling services in Human Resource Management through development, prevention, and rehabilitation programs.
  • To ensure the implementation and effectiveness of psychological and counselling services in the  Public Service.
  • To implement policies concerning psychology and counseling issued by the Division of Psychology Management, Public Service Department.


  • General administration of the office.
  • Updating the filing system.
  • Managing the Division’s finances.
  • Preparing the Division’s yearly management budget.
  • Managing and ensuring the information is updated in the Service Book

Client Charter

We are committed to provide services that are efficient, professional, ethical and friendly to our customers in the following:

  • To ensure complete applications for reorganisation in every Department/Division are submitted to the Civil Service Department (PSD) within three (3) months after complete applications are received from the Departments/Divisions
  • To ensure all complete applications involving the creation and cancellation of posts and transferring items regarding the posts are forwarded to PSD within one (1) month of receipt of applications from Departments/Divisions
  • To ensure the recruitment exercise and appointment of support group II staff (under delegation of power by Public Services Commission of Malaysia (PSC) is implemented within six (6) months from the closing date in the advertisement
  • To ensure the following applications are processed within two (2) weeks from the date of receipt of the complete documents:
    • Confirmation of Appointment
    • Confirmation in the service and grant of pensionable status/EPF
    • Release/Resignation
    • Application for leave without pay / half pay / Additional Sick Leave / Cancer Leave / Tuberculosis Sick Leave
    • Application to go on leave (Overseas) for personal matters
    • Asset Declaration Report
  • To ensure all officers attend courses for at least seven (7) days in a year
  • To ensure approval for domestic courses are done within seven (7) days from the date of the complete documents received
  • To ensure Annual Performance Appraisal Reports (LNPT) of the current year are resolved before the end of March of the following yea
  • To ensure nomination for Awards / Honorary Titles / Federal and State medals be submitted one (1) week before the closing date
  • To ensure all complete promotion papers be submitted to PSD within two (2) weeks after receiving the paperwork from Departments/Agencies
  • To ensure all ordinary disciplinary cases are resolved within six (6) months upon receiving complete report
  • To ensure all retirement documents be forwarded to the Post-Service Division in PSD not later than three (3) months before the retirement date
  • To ensure counselling services are provided systematically and ethically based on the Standard of Counselling Practice
  • To implement psychological and counselling services in human resource management through development, prevention and rehabilitation programmes
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