Integrity Unit


Integrity Unit in Ministry of Science, Technology & Innovation (MOSTI) was set up in 2014 based on Service Circular Number 6, Year 2013. This unit was aimed to ensuring public servants in MOSTI have strong morals and work ethics even boost patriotism.

Integrity Unit were establish as one of the internal control mechanism to consolidate managerial matters regarding integrity under one roof and also to stem any issues regards to corruption or misconduct and non-adherent of current enforcement circular/ general orders/ procedure among public servants. Establishment of this unit’s in each of government sectors were coincide with government’s aspiration to strengthening integrity’s among public servants and uphold the principles of integrity and accountability towards excellent public service delivery. Throughout high integrity among public servants, the government expected the people’s confidence in public agencies to be boosted.

Integrity Unit in Ministry level were restructured based on ‘middle risk model’, a rated risk model evaluated by Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) and approved Warrant No. K127 Year 2013 began on 15 November 2013 by Ministry of Finance. With consist of four (4) staffing warrant, this unit is Head by Administration and Diplomatic Officer Grade M48. One specialty of Head of Integrity Unit must being a Certified Integrity Officer (CeIO) or has qualification recognized by the Integrity Officer Accreditation Board, MACC. Others are one (1) Investigation Officer from MACC Grade P43/44, one (1) Administration and Diplomatic Officer Grade M41 and one (1) Administrative Assistant Grade N17/N22 (KUP).


  • To promote good values and code of ethics among public servants;
  • To prevent criminal misconduct and violation of the code of conduct of public servants;
  • To identify and report on abuse of power/ corruption/ noncompliance of procedure or misconduct of public servants to related agencies; and
  • To act as the disciplinary secretariat at Ministry level


Integrity Unit will conduct six (6) core functions as follows:

Good Governance

  • To ensure the implementation of good governance;

Integrity Enrichment

  • To inculcate, institutionalize and implement the concept of integrity in organization;Identification and verification
  • To identify and verify complaints in regards to criminal misconduct and the violations on the code of conduct and ethics of organizations and ensure appropriate actions are taken; and
  • To report criminal misconduct to responsible enforcement agencies;

Complaints management

  • To receive and respond on all complaints and information concerning violations of criminal misconduct and ethics of the organization;


  • To ensure the compliance of laws and regulations enforced;


  • To function as the secretariat of the Diciplinary Board.
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