Information Technology Management Division


  • April 2000 – Information Technology Unit (ITU) was initiated under the S & T Division with a pioneer of eight (8) employees.
  • 2005 – ITU has been upgraded to the Division during the restructuring of MOSTI.
  • 1st September 2005 – The Information Technology Unit (ITU) was renamed Information Technology Management Division (ITMD) with sixteen (16) staffs report directly to the Deputy Secretary General (Operation).
  • 16th December 2007 – During the restructuring of MOSTI, the Information Technology Management Division (ITMD) there are two (2) main sections being implemented namely Application Systems Section and Operation, Network and Security Section. There was an additional of fifteen (15) new posts and thus, the total number of BPTM officers and staffs stand at thirty one (31) posts after restructuring.
  • 3rd October 2016 – In line with the latest MOSTI organizational restructuring, ITMD was reorganized into four (4) different Sections / Units i.e. Operational, Network and Security Section, User Applications Section, Corporate Applications Section and Administration Unit to strengthen its services to MOSTI as a whole. Thus, the total number of posts in BPTM was brought up to be thirty eight (38) posts.


To ensure all MOSTIs ICT services, facilities and requirements inclusive of hardware, software, network, security and infrastructure are being managed and administered accurately, securely and timely according to the Ministry’s needs in order to provide an effective and efficient delivery system


  • To plan and coordinate the Ministry’s ISP
  • To plan, prepare/update and enforce the implementation of ICT’s User Manual, Guidelines and Checklists
  • To plan, design and develop MOSTI’s Official Portal and Intranet
  • To plan, design, develop, test and implement/maintain application systems
  • To plan and coordinate the development, testing and implementation of outsourced application systems
  • To prepare and compile documentations for in-house application systems
  • To plan, design, develop and coordinate the development of multimedia presentation materials
  • To coordinate, support and assist in the implementation of eGovernment applications in MOSTI
  • To plan, manage/conduct internal ICT training or courses on new trends and emerging technologies
  • As a Secretariat for MOSTIs ICT Steering Committee (JPICT) and MOSTI’s ICT Technical Committee (JTICT)
  • As a Secretariat for MOSTI’s Portal Main Committee and MOSTI’s Portal Technical Committee
  • To monitor and strengthen the network security of MOSTI
  • To analyse the utilization of broadband in MOSTI
  • To plan and conduct MOSTI’s ICT procurement
  • To manage and handle MOSTI’s ICT inventory
  • To plan and conduct the write-off of ICT equipment for MOSTIs HQ; and to manage and coordinate the write-off of ICT equipment for departments under MOSTI
  • To provide technical support and operate Helpdesk System
  • To plan, manage and handle the operation and maintenance of ICT equipment
  • To plan and manage backup and recovery system
  • To plan, manage and handle the operation of MOSTI’s ICT network infrastructure including wireless and video conferencing
  • To plan, handle and maintain MOSTI’s email system
  • To plan, manage and monitor the operations of web casting and archiving of programmes/events organized by MOSTI
  • Responsible for managing and operating MOSTI’s Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT)

Client Charter

We are committed to provide efficient, professional, ethical and friendly services to our clients as follows:

  • Application System Development
  • MOSTI Portal / Intranet
  • Helpdesk
  • Complaints
  • ICT Facilities And Advisory Services
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