Innovators’ Dynamic Programme


Innovation is an important element in driving the nation’s aspiration towards achieving its goal of becoming a developed country which is inclusive and sustainable while promoting the well-being of the rakyat. In this regard, MOSTI has introduced a flagship initiative to catalyse and foster the culture of innovation among Malaysians. This program is known as Innovators’ Dynamic (ID).

The ID program introduced in late 2016 is to identify appropriate innovative technologies for development and application to address issues faced by the industrial sector as well as the general public.

This ID program augments MOSTI’s continuous commitment to improve the productivity and efficiency of industries as well as issues faced by the people through the use / adaptation and innovation based on science and modern technology applications.

Programme’s Objective

  1. Identifying key issues in the industry sector and the general public that can be addressed with technology application and innovation;
  2. Discuss and develop solutions that can be implemented either for the short or long term;
  3. Use innovative scientific and technological know-how in resolving identified issues;
  4. Promote technological development and application in collaboration between various institutions and stakeholders through smart partnership; and
  5. Encourage the involvement of the public through the contribution of issues and ideas and innovations in solving problems.

Methods of Implementation

  1. This program will commence with the engagement session with the stakeholders including the relevant ministries to identify the problems faced by the selected sectors, focusing on the following:
    • Availability of technology;
    • Collaboration possibilities;
    • Technology Roll-out; and
    • Public perception / Public expectation from Government.
  2. A follow up session with stakeholders, will be a roundtable discussion session chaired by YB Minister of MOSTI to decide on the way forward for each sector;
  3. The ID of the Mobilizing Committee will be formed and a series of discussions will be held to discuss and implement the development of identified technologies. Furthermore, the Steering Committee is established to monitor the overall implementation of Innovator’s Dynamic program in line with the key programs of the Ministry ‘
  4. Target groups for this program are:
    • MOSTI headquarters
    • Related Ministries / Agencies
    • Research institute
    • Public and private universities
    • S & T development agencies (DSM, MRM, MyIPO, etc.)
    • Market development agencies (MIDA, SMECorp, AIM, etc.)
    • Associations / Associations
    • Individual innovators (public)
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