MyTrace, a Preventive Counter Measure and Contact Tracing Application for COVID-19

1. What is MyTrace?

MyTrace is a contact tracing application developed by the Government of Malaysia. MyTrace adopts a community-driven approach where participating devices exchange proximity information whenever an app detects another device with MyTrace app installed. This application allows the identification of people who were in close proximity to COVID-19 infected individual.

2. What is the difference between MyTrace and MySejahtera?

Both apps – MySejahtera & MyTrace – are used by the Ministry of Health (MOH) to help manage the COVID-19 pandemic in Malaysia. MySejahtera allows users to perform quick health-self assessment and for the Ministry of Health (MOH) to monitor users’ health condition and take immediate actions in providing treatments. Meanwhile, MyTrace further complements MySejahtera by detecting and tracing the individuals who are in close contact with the COVID-19 positive patients.

3. Who developed MyTrace?

MyTrace is developed through a strategic cooperation between Government agencies of Malaysia: Ministry of  Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI), National Security Council (NSC), Ministry of Health (MOH), Malaysian Administrative Modernisation and Management Planning Unit (MAMPU), Malaysian Institute of Microelectronic Systems(MIMOS) and Malaysian Global Innovation and Creativity Centre (MaGIC); with the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM)  and Google.

4. Who are the users of MyTrace?

Malaysians and residents of Malaysia.

5. Where can I download MyTrace app?

The application can be downloaded through a link in MySejahtera app. Users are encouraged to download MySejahtera app beforehand to ensure an effective contact tracing function.

6. How does MyTrace work?

MyTrace enables participating devices to exchange proximity information whenever the app detects another device with the same app installed. Data collected will be stored and processed only by the MOH officers. When a user is identified to be Covid19 positive, the MOH officer will initiate a process to upload the data from the user’s smartphone to a secured database managed by the MOH.

7. What is contact tracing?

Contact tracing is an identification process of individuals who may have come into close contact with an infected Covid-19 patient. It enables the MOH to further trace and contact the individuals and organize a follow-up action.

8. If I have been in close proximity with a COVID-19 positive individual, how will I be contacted?

Users will be contacted via phone call and SMS by the MOH officer.

9. What data are collected?

The data collected are : the Unique User ID (UUID) created by this app, the version of the operating system  (Android or IOS), the time of the encounter and the Relative Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI).

10. Is my personal information shared in this application secure?

Both – MySejahtera & MyTrace – are owned and operated by the Government of Malaysia. The Government assures that the data collection and the data usage will be in accordance with the Government’s  information security standard.

11. Does MyTrace require Internet connection after installation?

Yes, internet connection is required when you first install the MyTrace app and during data uploading process.

12. Which devices can MyTrace be installed?

MyTrace is supported by Android smartphone users running version 8 and above, as well as iOS running version 10 and above. For Android, the ‘non sleep’ mode must be set so that MyTrace will remain active in both the foreground and background modes. For iOS, the phone must be “awake” at all times while the app needs to be in the foreground mode.

13. Do I need to keep the Bluetooth active all the time?

Yes. The Bluetooth needs to be turned on at all times for MyTrace to work properly.

14. Will keeping the Bluetooth at all the time drain the battery quickly?

Unlike using Bluetooth to stream music or to a wireless headphone continuously, MyTrace uses Bluetooth to only transmit its presence periodically. As such, it uses significantly lesser power.

15. Will MyTrace use the maximum battery power of the device if it is allowed to run at all times?

MyTrace uses a Bluetooth feature that uses minimal battery power (Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)). Therefore, this application will not overuse the user’s device’s battery to collect persistent contact tracking information.

16. How will MyTrace affect other Bluetooth accessories?

MyTrace app will not affect the usage or performance of other Bluetooth accessories, such as wireless speakers, wireless earpiece/headphones and smartwatches.

17. Why do I need to enable location permission for Android devices?

Android requires the location permission to be granted in order for any app to access Bluetooth features. However, geolocation data will not be collected. For iOS, only the Bluetooth function that need to be enabled.

18. Where can I get help for technical issues?

Users can click on ‘Technical Assistance’ of MyTrace application or email to

To download, klik on MyTrace Mobile Application (Android version) or scan the QR Code below using your smart phone:

QR Code MyTrace Android


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