National Nanotechnology Centre (NNC)


National Nanotechnology Centre (NNC) (previously known as National Nanotechnology Directorate) was established on 13th January 2010 and officially began operations in July 2010 under the auspices of MOSTI. NNC serves as the National Focal Point for the coordination of research, development and all related activities of nanotechnology in Malaysia. NNC is also tasked to create awareness by creating a conducive environment that encourages invention, innovation and technology development in the nanotechnology community.


  • Develop and strengthen the national capability and capacity through the development and implementation of policy, supporting infrastructure and physical facilities; in tandem with early education in nanosciences in effort to develop the human capital;
  • Plan, coordinate and monitor Research, Development and Commercialisation activities in Malaysia to support the Government strategic aspirations;
  • Plan, coordinate and monitor activities contributing to the development of nanotechnology based industry as sources of economic growth; and
  • Facilitate positioning of the Malaysia’s nanotechnology related industry players and products in the global supply and value chain.

Semenjak ditubuhkan pada tahun 2010, NNC menerusi tiga (3) seksyen utamanya iaitu Seksyen Korporat, Promosi dan Pembudayaan (KPP), Seksyen Penyelidikan dan Pembangunan Teknologi/Produk (PPTP) dan Seksyen Pembangunan Regulatori dan Standards (PRS) giat menjalankan pelbagai aktiviti R&D, regulatori dan pembudayaan bagi tujuan pembangunan dasar, infrastruktur dan pendidikan awal dalam bidang nano. Berikut merupakan beberapa program/aktiviti utama NNC mengikut 3 seksyen tersebut:

A. Seksyen Korporat, Promosi dan Pembudayaan:

1. Program Nano Kebangsaan (NanoKEB)
2. Program Kesedaran Nanoteknologi
3. Pertandingan Adiwira
4. Pertandingan Penulisan Esei Nanoteknologi (PENT)
5. Aplikasi Mobile Nano VR
6. Kuiz Nano

B. Seksyen Penyelidikan dan Pembangunan Teknologi/Produk

1. Rangkaian Makmal Nanoteknologi Kebangsaan (NNLN)
2. Pembangunan Dasar & Strategi Nanoteknologi Kebangsaan (NNPS) 2021-2030

C. Seksyen Pembangunan Regulatori dan Stardards

1. Kajian Membangunkan Penanda Aras Bagi Risiko Keselamatan Produk Berasaskan Bahan Nano


National Nanotechnology Centre

Ministry of Science, Technology & Innovation (MOSTI)

Level 4, Block C7, Complex C,

Federal Government Administrative Centre,

62662 Putrajaya, MALAYSIA

Tel       : (+603) 8885 8661

Email   :

NNC Staff Directory


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