MOSTI Account Division was established on October 10, 2013, led by Under Secretary of Account. The division is divided into four sections, namely, Management Accounting Section, Consulting and Monitoring Section, Financial Accounting Section as well as Administration and Finance Section.


  1. To ensure accounting services and financial information management are implemented efficiently in accordance with the law, financial regulations and the Government Accounting Standards in force.
  2. To determine accounting systems that should be established and appropriately monitored to prevent loss due to fraud or negligence, subject to the general supervision of the Controlling Officer.
  3. To determine allowable expenses received and paid within the specified period and accounted properly.

Roles And Responsibilities

  1. Providing information and reports as well as advising the top management in making decisions for Cost Accounting, Financial Analysis and Accounting Resources.
  2. Providing technical advice on accounting and financial management to Responsibility Centres (RCs), monitoring the execution as well as providing advice on the accounting system for departments and agencies and analyzing consultancy services for management monitoring requirements.
  3. Helping in resolving issues related to the implementation of accrual accounting.
  4. Planning accounting training programs to enhance the skills of employees and ensuring all accounting officers attend the accounting trainings as well as analyzing the effectiveness of the trainings.
  5. Monitoring payments, assets and trusts account as well as receipts.
  6. Ensuring accounting information such as payments and receipts, trusts, funds as well as assets reporting and accounting are provided appropriately within the specified period.

Client Charter

We aim to implement Management Accounting MOSTI with care, effective and responsible. In performing this task we will ensure the services provided perfected as follows:

  1. Payments are made to suppliers / individuals within four (4) days from the date of receipt of complete documents;
  2. Monthly salaries are paid not later than 25th of every month;
  3. Monthly Financial Statements of the Ministry are prepared not later than the 25th every month;
  4. All inquiries / complaints from the eSPKB and eTerimaan clients are responded within three (3) days from the date the inquiries / complaints received;
  5. Documents of monthly receipts are checked within thirty (30) days from the date of receipt

Contact Us

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  • No. Tel: 03-8885 8640 / 8695 / 8374
  • No. Fax: 6 03-8881 1196
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