Manage and Distribute R&D&C Funds

  1. To Process And Inform The Result Of Fund Application Within 45 Days From The Receipt Of A Completed Application;
  2. To Finalise Agreement With The Fund Recipient Within 30 Days From The Receipt Of Letter Of Acceptance And Detailed Milestone Agreed By Fund Division;
  3. Advance payment instructions to the Finance Division within 7 days after receipt of completed payment documents;
  4. To Issue Instructions For Project Progress Payment To Finance Division Within 7 Days From The Date Of Related Committee Meeting Results Received And Subjected To The Receipt Of Completed Documents.

Disseminating National Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) Data and Information

  1. To ensure online STI data and information updated for every three (3) months
  2. To provide feedback on STI data and information requests within three (3) working days

Improving Customer Service Delivery

  1. To provide initial feedback on the complaints within 3 working days from the received date (receipt of acknowledgement)
  2. Process and issue payment of bills and invoices within 14 days from the received date of completed document.
  3. Respond to complaints on non-accessibility of Portal within 1 hour after the complaints were received.