Ooli Gunalan a l Manickam

Ooli Gunalan a/l Manickam

Senior Under Secretary (Management)
Chief Digital Officer (CDO)


  1. Addressing the use of data analytics and technology focuses on an organizations in the fields of digital technology, data infrastructure and data governance;
  2. Transforming digital products, services and data-driven innovators focused on Government and consumer services especially those involving data analytics, digital literacy and self-service platforms; innovator strategist and data-driven strategist berfokuskan perkhidmatan Kerajaan dan pengguna terutamanya yang melibatkan analitik data, literasi digital dan platform perkhidmatan kendiri atau layan diri;
  3. Mentransformasi pengalaman pelanggan sebagai inovator pemacu data (data-driven innovator) berfokuskan Whole-of-Government terutamanya melibatkan perkongsian data, data terbuka, teknologi baharu, teknologi pintar dan perkhidmatan digital antara agensi/bahagian di bawah kawal selia;
  4. Assess, coordinate, certify digital service requirements, technical service design and development budget and manage agencies as implementers of digitization initiatives and projects;
  5. Leading the change through the alignment of the Digitalization Strategic Plan (PSP) of the Ministry with:
    i. Ensure Ministry PSP is inline with Public Sector Strategic Digitalization Plan and Risk Management and Change Management Plan; and
    ii. Strengthening the agency’s digitalization governance structure and coordinating the adoption of global policies, guidelines and best practices