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The Happening Today at ASTANA

11 September 2019

~ Ministerial Meeting

~ Adoption of the outcome document: OIC STI 2026 Agenda

~ Bilateral Meeting


  1. YBM delivered his remark during the Ministerial Meeting by stating three key points: (i) highlighting the core values of Malaysian plural society — unity, peace and moderation; (ii) appreciating the host country Kazakhstan and the initiative by COMSTECH, the STI Secretariat for OIC; and (iii) supporting unconditionally all the 12 priorities outlined in the OIC STI Agenda 2026.


  1. Malaysian delegation was approached by 5 countries for bilateral initiatives: Iran, Turkey, Uganda, Palestine and Mozambique. However time was so tight today, we only managed to arrange for 3 meetings, with Turkey, Uganda and Palestine. We plan to continue the engagement with the two countries (and perhaps new others) in the next two days, during the summit.


  1. Bilateral meeting with Turkey: Minister of Industry and Technology (HE Faruk Ozlu) was clear of what areas his country is interested to collaborate: SMEs, innovation, bioeconomy, standards, cyber security. Currently, there is already an ongoing MoU arrangement with Turkey and taking the momentum from this meeting, hopefully MOSTI can speed up the process.


  1. Bilateral meeting with Uganda: Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation (HE Dr. Elioda Tumwesigye). This special ministry of STI for Uganda is relatively very new, only 6 months old. They are interested in two main fundamental areas: (i) learning the ecosystem of innovation for Malaysia and how we pursue innovation-driven economy; and (ii) getting more ideas and insights of policy making especially the concepts of “policy for STI” and “STI for policy”. MoU is proposed to be initiated.


  1. Bilateral meeting with Palestine: Ministry of Telecommunication and Information Technology (HE Dr. Allam Mousa) put a special emphasis on the the need to develop innovation culture in his country. Due to the circumstances (political conflict) — Palestine is lagging far behind in so many aspects. Thus, the only way to leapfrog from the current status quo is by learning an innovative way to do things: in creating opportunities for new economy, and providing solutions for societal issues. MoU is proposed to capture those needs in the spirit of mutual “give and take” from both countries.



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