The Finance Division led by the Under Secretary, comprises of three sections namely Budget, Procurement and Account. These three sections are responsible in managing the financial affairs of the Ministry.

The Finance Division plays an important role in preparing the budget for the Ministry, Departments and Agencies under MOSTI. This Division is accountable for handling and processing the procurement of work, supplies and services for open tender, restricted tender, quotation, direct negotiation and direct purchase. Besides that, all payments under Operating Expenses and Development Expenses are also managed by this Division.


  1. To ensure all MOSTI’s ICT services, facilities and requirements inclusive of hardware, software, network, security and infrastructure are being managed and administered accurately, securely and timely according to the Ministry’s needs in order to provide an effective and efficient delivery system

Roles And Responsibilities

  1. Coordinate the preparation of budget from Divisions and Departments under the Ministry and address it within the time prescribed
  2. Manage bill payments, pay, travel claims and other allowances for the Division within the period as prescribed by Treasury
  3. Manage individual’s advance applications, warm clothing allowance, shifting, housekeeping, club membership, vestment to the Ministry and Departments under the Ministry and official functions’ proposition/Ministry’s and Departments workshop at hotels
  4. Monitor the value of procurement and execute procurement of work, supply and service within the limit for open tenders, restricted tenders, quotations, direct negotiations and direct purchases
  5. Coordinate the implementation of e-SPKB system for all Divisions and Departments under the Ministry

Client Charter

To provide services with integrity, transparency and accuracy within the prescribed period from the date of receipt of complete documents for:

  1. Payment is within 14 days
  2. Travel Warrant in 5 working days
  3. Package Meeting / Entertainment Outside of Office is 14 working days
  4. Package Meeting / Entertainment Out of the Office (involving the approval of the Treasury) is 30 working days
  5. Original Allocation Warrant is 7 working days
  6. Warrant of Sub-Provision is 7 working days
  7. Warrant virement is 7 working days
  8. For Government procurement Direct Purchase in 5 working days
  9. Quotation is 14 working days
  10. Tender is 30 working days
  11. Processing of vehicle and computer loan applications is within 7 days
  12. Processing of application for advance, allowance warm clothes and other allowances is within 3 working days