Technology Transfer and Commercialisation R&D Division is created to manage, coordinate dan monitoring transfer of technology and commercialisation of R&D activities and programmes funded by the Government of Malaysia.


To plan, coordinate and manage commercialisation ecosystem by identifying local R&D product/services/technologies funded by the Government of Malaysia to be commercialised and supporting relevant technology transfer.


i. Malaysia Startup Ecosystem Roadmap – SUPER 2021-2030

  • SUPER 2021-2030 is developed by engaging with of all key stakeholders in the startup ecosystem in order to support the development of the ecosystem holistically and boost the marketability of startups at home and abroad.

ii. Research, Development, Commercialization, Innovation and Economy (R,D,C,I&E) Roadmap

  •  Developed to create a holistic R, D, C, I & E ecosystem so that Science, Technology, Innovation (STI) that align with the planning and economic development goals of the country. This roadmap is also developed to support targets and plan actions to achieve the outcome of the National Science Technology and Innovation Policy (DSTIN) 2021-2030, Policies and other National Roadmap related to R, D, C, I & E.


i. Intellectual Property Commercialisation Policy For research & Development (R&D) Projects Funded by the Government of Malaysia

  • This policy acts as a guide in term of the governance of the commercialisation of local R&D intellectual property funded by the Government of Malaysia, applies to all Ministries, Departments, agencies, research institutions and public officials.

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