In line with the promulgation of Act 834 on 25th January 2022, a specific division known as the Space Regulatory Division, was officially established in MOSTI on 14 June 2022. The Space Regulatory Division’s main role is to govern and implement the regulations related to the Malaysian Space Board Act 2022 [Act 834].

Among the main space activities enforced in Act 834 include license requirements (to build or manufacture space objects, for owners or operators of testing and integration facilities, and owners or operators of launch facilities), launch permits (for domestic launch service providers), launch certificates (for owners of space objects who launch their own objects domestically/ abroad) as well as registration of space objects (for space objects that have been successfully launched into orbit).

The Malaysian Space Board Act [Act 834] can be downloaded by scanning the following QR code.


Among the main objectives of the establishment of the Space Regulatory Division are to govern the implementation of Act 834, including managing Malaysian Space Board (MSB) affairs as the Executive Secretary, drafting relevant legal instruments to ensure effective implementation of the Act and regulating space activities to ensure the safety and sovereignty of the country is maintained.

carta bpa

(a) To serve as Executive Secretary to the Malaysian Space Board;

(b) To draf bills, regulations, guideline and any other legal instruments to ensure the effective implementation of this Act;

(c) To regulate certain space-related activities through licensing, permits, certification, registration of space objects, and conduct compliance inspections or investigations to ensure those activities are safely executed according to global “space worthiness” requirements;

(d) To ensure the national space activities are in compliance with domestic and international legislation as required by international bodies, e.g. UNOOSA, UNODA etc.

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Space Regulatory Division
Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation
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