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MOSTI Digitising Agriculture Towards New Economy

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BUKIT JALIL, 19 July 2016 – In its effort of commitment to enhance industry competitiveness through ICT, MOSTI through its agency, MIMOS Berhad today launched MyTrace.

MyTrace was developed by MOSTI agencies; namely MIMOS, which developed the technology platform, the National Institutes of Biotechnology Malaysia (NIBM) which provided biotechnology-based DNA marker for authenticity verification of the premium durian, and the Department of Standards Malaysia, which established the traceability procedure standards for Malaysian agro-food exports; in collaboration with the Department of Agriculture as regulatory body for Phytosanitary Certificates, and the Federal Agricultural Marketing Authority (FAMA), which established the process as well as implemented the e-commerce platform.

“In a competitive global economy, the challenge for manufacturers and their suppliers is to continuously improve their product quality and compliance with government and industry standards and regulations,” Madius said at the launch ceremony of the MyTrace food traceability system, here, today.
“Moreover, to sustain and succeed in a niche segment such as premium food, exporters need appropriate technologies in all stages of the supply chain. With the right ICT technologies, you can add value to your product, gain higher premium and protect your business from market cannibalisation by competitors,” he said.

He said that the MyTrace system had integrated two of today’s biggest technology trends – the Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data Analytics (BDA) – which are the fastest growing areas of opportunities today. “By integrating these emerging technologies into the products as a service, the export of Malaysian premium agro-food can present a high-potential new business model,” he said.

“The government would create more opportunities to position Malaysia as hub for premium products and next-generation technologies. With the digitisation of more vertical sectors, we will be on the right track to transforming our digital economy,” he said.

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