The National Planetarium is an informal educational institution in the field of Astronomy and Space Science. Located on 14 acres of land in the area of Perdana Botanical Garden, Kuala Lumpur. Its unique architecture is characterized by Islamic architecture inspired by the achievements of Astonomy and Space Science during the heyday of Islamic civilization.



The center of informal education and the culture of space science in Malaysia.


Provide quality infrastructure and services to the community related to astronomical activities and space science.

Roles And Responsibilities

  1. Strengthen the role of the National Planetarium as a cultural organization of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) especially in the field of astronomy and space science in Malaysia;
  2. Raise public awareness of the importance of astronomy and space science through screenings, exhibitions, programs and social media;
  3. Provides skills in handling digital optical astronomy digital instrumentation and amateur radio; and
  4. Provide advice, coordination and guidance for human capital development in the field of astronomy and space science in Malaysia.

Client Charter

We promise to carry out our responsibilities and provide services with full dedication, quality and professionalism to our visitors.

  1. Provide efficient, effective, and up-to-date referral services to customers.
  2. Provide exhibitions and programs on astronomy and space science.
  3. Responsive to customer inquiries, suggestions, and complaints.
  4. Provide basic facilities and a clean, comfortable, and safe exhibition environment.
  5. Feedback on guided tour applications.
  6. Update website information and social media sections.
  7. Manage repayment claims and service payments after completes documents are received.
  8. Application for facility rental and equipment loan.
  9. Efficient, accurate and customer friendly counter service.
  10. Provides external reading material links online.