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  1. Meningkatkan kesedaran masyarakat terhadap kepentingan STI dalam kehidupan seharian
  2. Menarik minat dan meningkatkan bilangan pelajar yang memilih jurusan STEM selaras dengan agenda STEM Negara
  3. Menghargai dan mengiktiraf sumbangan dan kejayaan dalam bidang sains


Researcher-Industry Scientific Exchange (RISE) is a platform that connects expert service providers with parties who need solutions in problems faced. This sharing of expertise aims to increase innovation and productivity as well as capacity building for both parties through research, consultation, technology transfer or training. The role of this programme is to help organizations/industries adopt the latest technology, aimed at increasing innovation and productivity capabilities through system and process improvements.



Enculturation Unit is responsible in planning and implementing Science, Technology and Innovation (STI)-based programs, particularly the National Science Week and Malaysia Techlympics. Both programs are initiatives under the National Science, Technology and Innovation Policy Action Plan (DSTIN) which outlines the implementation of various initiatives for the period 2021 to 2030. This unit is also responsible for coordinating sponsorship applications for STI awareness and enculturation programs under National Science Week and Malaysia Techlympics as well as identifying the need to conduct related activities.



The MyIS Unit (Malaysia Social Innovation) is a unit that coordinates social innovation initiatives that emphasize innovative solutions in addressing national issues and challenges starts from the grassroots level involving the Malaysian Innovation Foundation (YIM) as the implementing agency that has implemented various programs under the umbrella of social innovation. This unit is responsible for discovering innovative solutions that are suitable for application in line with the MOSTI theme of enculturing science and humanizing technology. Among the programs that have a big impact on grassroots communities are as follows:

(i) Malaysia Social Innovation Program (MyIS Komuniti), is one of the social innovation initiative implemented under the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation which aimed at increasing the income and well-being of the community, especially the B40 group. A total of 234 projects have been implemented since 2016 that benefited more than 20,000 participants involving an allocation of RM48.9 million; and

(ii) The Grassroots Innovation Mainstreaming Program (MyIS Grassroots) provides an opportunity to develop the capabilities of innovators by adding value to innovation products from prototype development to pre-commercialization. A total of 1,458 innovations have been identified, 24 innovations have received development grants, 15 innovations have been successfully commercialized and 12 intellectual properties have been filed with either direct or indirect impact on more than 35,000 individuals from 10 communities involved since 2008.



The Talent Unit is a unit that is responsible for two core programs which are implementing the National Young Scientist Award, the National Technologist Award and the National Technician Award as well as implementing the upskilling initiative for Deeptech & Futureskills which involves collaboration with agencies under MOSTI and industry. This unit is also responsible for assisting the Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE) from the point of view of Evaluation, Termination and Refinement of Higher Education Institution level courses and the Committee for the Returning Expert Program (REP) under the Talent Corporation, Ministry of Human Resources (MoHR). Returning Expert Program (REP) di bawah Talent Corporation, Kementerian Sumber Manusia (KSM).


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