Malaysian Science and Technology Information Centre or MASTIC was established in the year 1992 which is responsible for the central collection and dissemination of strategic information Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) of the country. MASTIC also provides access to STI information from a variety of institutions and act as a mechanism to bridge between policy-makers, funders, researchers/developers, industry and consumers. Our primary service is to collect and disseminate strategic information related to the activity of the national STI.

To be the repository for strategic STI information to facilitate STI communities’ needs through good knowledge management practice.
To provide an acceptable platform for STI information flow and access among government and private sectors, to support the national policy in the development of STI nationwide.

Our core activities is to collect and disseminate strategic information related to the activity of S&T. our main Function is:

to be the primary reference centre for national STI information;
to collect STI information and R&D activities through surveys for benchmarking and comparison purposes;
to forecast national STI trends to facilitate policy makers to identify priorities areas for STI development;
to develop and maintain STI databases content;
to promote and disseminate STI information through printed media (publications) or non-printed media (online and electronic media); and
to provide library services for MOSTI’s users.

We are committed to:

provide strategic information to fulfill our clients’ needs, continuously improve our information services and provide current information;
provide up-to-date and reliable information in our portal;
notify clients upon acceptance of inquiries, complaints and suggestions within 24 hours on working days; and
provide feedback on inquiries and complaints within 7 working days.