National Nanotechnology Centre (NNC) (previously known as Part of the National Nanotechnology Directorate) was founded on January 13, 2010 and began to operate officially in July 2010 as a division under MOSTI. NNC serves as the National Focal Point for the coordination of research, development and all related activities of nanotechnology in Malaysia. NNC also play the role of raising the level of awareness of science and technology by providing an environment that promote the activity of invention, innovation and technology development in the nanotechnology community.

NNC Organization Chart

Roles And Responsibilities

NNC consists of three (3) main sections namely; Technology & Product Development, Research & Corporate Development and Regulatory & Standards Development. Each section has their own objectives with different main role and responsibilities.

A. Technology & Product Development Section

  1. To plan, formulate and coordinate the implementation of guidelines and directions and the National Nanotechnology Policy as well as provide advice to the Ministry.
  2. To plan and form networks between agencies/ industry parties at the national, regional and international levels in the field of development (R&D).
  3. Assess and identify the needs of local industries in terms of new nanotechnology technologies, products and processes to increase competitiveness in the global market.
  4. To plan, study, formulate and coordinate the development of expertise and human capital in the field of nanotechnology including the admission of experts, the organization of training, seminars, technical training and related workshops.

A.1 Programmes and Activities

  1. Development of National Nanotechnology Policy & Strategy (NNPS) 2021-2030
  2. Development of National Nano Products and Technology Roadmap 2021-2025
  3. Development of Hydrogen Economy and Technology Roadmap 2021-2030
  4. Webinar NanoTEDx- Series 1
  5. Webinar NanoTEDx- Series 2
  6. Webinar NanoTEDx- Series 3

B. Research & Corporate Development Section

  1. To plan and form networking between agencies/ industry parties at the national, regional and international levels in the field of research (R&D)
  2. To plan, evaluate and monitor the progress and implementation of nanotechnology R&D
  3. Plan and implement the corporate management of the division
  4. To plan and implement awareness, promotion and education programs in the field of nanotechnology

B.1 Programmes and Activities

  1. National Nanotechnology Laboratory Network (NNLN)
  2. Pertandingan Video Pendek Adiwira Nano
  3. Pertandingan Penulisan Esei Nanoteknologi (PENT)
  4. Pertandingan Olympiad Nanoteknologi Malaysia (ONM)
  5. Program Nano Kebangsaan (NanoKEB)

C. Regulatory Development & Standards Development Section

  1. Coordinate the reporting of nanosafety-related activities in the country (focal point) to the international level, including in the OECD and EU-Asia Dialogue
  2. Collaborate with relevant agencies in formulating, evaluating, developing and legislate standards, regulations and certification requirements related to nanotechnology to remain relevant to local stakeholders
  3. Coordinate and develop testing capabilities and local expertise to ensure the sustainability of the nanotechnology industry in the country
  4. Monitor and coordinate risk assessment of nanotechnology products to be safe for consumers and the environment

C.1 Programmes and Activities

  1. A Study to Develop Benchmarks for Safety Risks of Nano-Based Products
  2. Nanosafety Forum on From Lab to Society
  3. Nanosafety Forum on Country Experiences and Predictive Model Development for Safety Guidelines and Standardization.

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