The Internal Audit Unit of Ministry of science, Technology And Innovation was established in 2004 based on the Treasury Circular of Number 9, Year 2004. The Internal Audit Unit is responsible for auditing the public financial management, IT system, programs and activities carried out by MOSTI and its Agencies.

The Internal Audit Unit is directly responsible to the Secretary General of MOSTI. Under the new restructuring of ministry which took effect on 1 July 2016, there are currently 18 staffs working under this Unit. UAD is led by Head of Internal Audit Unit Grade W54 and assisted by Deputy Head of Internal Audit Grade W48, 2 Auditors Grade W44, 2 Auditors Grade W41, 2 Assistant Auditors Grade W36, 4 Assistant Auditors Grade W32, 4 Assistant Auditors Grade W29 and 1 Office Secretary Grade N29 and 1 Administrative Assistant Grade N19.


  • Help the ministry achieve its goals through a systematic and disciplined approach to evaluate and determine the effectiveness of all control and governance processes.

Roles And Responsibilities

  • Study the reliability and effectiveness of the financial system as well as the internal control of the organization;
  • Review the level of compliance of all policies, laws, regulations and directives;
  • Study the activities of the organization are managed prudently, efficiently and effectively;
  • Review the organization's assets and interests are protected from loss, fraud and other irregularities;
  • Give advice/opinion on the internal control of all systems, including ICT systems;
  • Report to the Secretary General of audit results and follow up on the raised;
  • Prepare the Annual Plan and the Annual Report of the internal Audit Unit to the approval of the Secretary General of the MOSTI;
  • Present the Audit Report in the Meeting of the Audit Committee; and
  • Submit a summary Report of the Audit Committee to the secretariat of the Meeting of the Committee of Management of Finance and Accounts.

Client Charter

  • Financial Management Auditing and Financial Management Rating Audit Programme are conducted within 20 days;
  • Performance Auditing is carried out within 60 days;
  • Audit appearance is carried out within 5 days;
  • Follow-up audits are carried out within 15 days;
  • Audit response received within 14 days; and
  • The Audit Report is presented during the Audit Committee meeting and a summary report is submitted to MOSTI Finance and Accounts Committee every 3 months