The primary role of Corporate Communications Unit is as a focal point for Ministry in the delivery and dissemination of information, increasing the Ministry’s corporate image, public relations, media , complaints management and customer service.


  • To provide effective and efficient public relation services;
  • To ensure Ministry’s image enhancement through effective and efficient public relation delivery system; and
  • To widen the job scope and public relation’s role in fulfilling the needs of its clients and stakeholders.

Functions & Responsibilities

  • Forming and maintaining a positive image of the Ministry;
  • Monitor and coordinate the contents of the Portal of the Ministry that is constantly updated;
  • Manage coverage and press conference for the Ministry;
  • To promote programs and Ministry activities towards the formation of a positive image through the promotion and publicity of strategic and effective;
  • Managing public relation and strategical planning with media to convey information effectively and timeliness of overall ministry’s objective;
  • Presenting information in relation to facts and situations related to the Ministry;
  • Manage feedback and issues which involve ministry’s image and good relationship with media also to correct about wrong coverage and perception.
  • To act as a media coordinating officer and be part of the management in the Ministry;
  • To act as coordinator of Public/Customer Complaints; And
  • Responsible for protocols in Event Management and Tour Management for the Ministries represented

Client Charter

We pledge and are committed to providing services that are efficient, professional, ethical and friendly to our customers as follows:

  • Monitoring issues / feedback about the ministry in local newspapers and internet, make paper cuttings about the issues, record and distribute for daily information for the ministry management;
  • Taking immediate action to complaints / respond within 3 days;
  • Monitoring contents of information in Ministry’s Portal and updating once a week;
  • Coordinating compilation of Ministry’s annual activities, in the month of January every year; and
  • Ensuring Ministry’s promotion / publicity planning to be executed as scheduled