This division is responsible for managing the Research and Development funds related to the priority areas set by MOSTI.

  • Vision – To make MOSTI’s Research, Development, Commercialization and Innovation (R&D&C&I) Fund a leading funding scheme.
  • Mission – To manage a demand driven R&D&C&I MOSTI fund that lead to commercialization of R&D&C&I products and enable problem solving for the benefit at people.


  1. To manage MOSTI’s R&D&C&I fund optimally with the emphasis on impact on the socio-economic improvement and well-being of the people;
  2. To encourage demand driven R&D&C&I activities that can be commercialized; and
  3. To provide advice and support to promote R&D&C&I activities for socio-economic development of the country;

Client Charter

  1. To process and inform the result of fund application within 60 days from the receipt of a completed application;
  2. To finalise agreement with the fund recipient within 30 days from the receipt of Letter of Acceptance by Fund Division;
  3. To issue instructions for Advance Payment to Finance Division within 7 days after a complete payment documents received; and
  4. To issue instructions for Project Progress Payment to Finance Division within 7 days from the date of JPPD results received.