Biotechnology is set to become a new engine of growth for the country. The National Biotechnology Policy launched by Y.A.B Prime Minister on 28th April 2005, is a commitment by the government to develop biotechnology as a platform for an innovation- led economy. The first phase (2005 -2010) of the implementation of the Policy is outlined in the 9th Malaysia Plan . The National Biotechnology Division (BIOTEK) in MOSTI is responsible for steering the national biotechnology agenda through the following programmes:-

1. Research & Development
2. Technology Development
3. Promotion of Biotechnology

Under phase I of the National Biotechnology Policy, the government has established BiotechCorp (Malaysian Biotechnology Corporation) as the one -stop centre for biotechnology industry development in this country. In addition, to encourage the development of biotechnology industry, the government has provided various fiscal and tax incentives to biotechnology companies accorded the BioNexus status.


The National Biotechnology Strategic Planning

  • Implement, coordinate, monitor and update the National Biotechnology Policy and strategic planning

Research and Development and Commercialization (R&D&C)

  • Identify programmes and activities and facilitate financial resources, physical facilities, services and technical support for R&D biotechnology
  • Support and coordinate technology transfer to the industry from the biotechnology research output funded by the government

International Collaboration

  • Foster biotechnology cooperation with local and international institution
    Human Capital Development
  • Enhance the human capital development programmes on biotechnology
    Promotion and Awareness

Promote and create awareness on biotechnology among the community and public


Planning Section

  • Co-ordinate and monitor the implementation of the policy thrusts as outlined in the National Biotechnology Policy (NBP)

Research & Development (R&D) Section

  • Develop, implement and co-ordinate R&D and innovations in biotechnology in accordance with the National Biotechnology Policy

Technology Transfer Section

  • To facilitate and co-ordinate the commercialisation of R&D in biotechnology by providing funds to researchers to develop IPs and to facilitate technology transfer

Promotion & Communication Section

  • To promote public awareness and interest on the importance of biotechnology and disseminate research findings to the industry to encourage innovation in biotechnology

Corporate & Finance Section

  • Oversee BIOTEK’s administrative and financial activities, including programmes to enhance BIOTEK’s services and productivity.


Client Charter

National Biotechnology Division (BIOTEK) strives to provide the best quality services for the nation’s wealth creation and social well-being according to the National Biotechnology Policy resolutions. We promise to:

  • Determine the policy and priority to be applied in various fields for development of the biotechnology industry
  • Provide a comprehensive framework for development of the biotechnology industry
    Coordinate the biotechnology implementation programmes and activities in Malaysia
  • Monitor the growth and development of biotechnology in Malaysia as the engine of growth for the national economy development
  • Implement R&D management (funds, technology transfer and public awareness) in-line with the National Biotechnology Policy