Smart Challenge Fund (SMART Fund)

The Smart Challenge Fund (SMART Fund) is the government’s initiatives which is open to businesses and researchers interested in competing for funding opportunities for which the Government has identified the strategic and prioritized needs (new technologies, processes, products) with the expectation that the deliverables will solve national problems and identify long term solutions.

Through this scheme, the Government will be investing in pre-commercialisation of technologies, processes, products that are highly innovative which can be translated into marketable output to spur the economy as well as for societal benefit.

Proposed projects must be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely (SMART). The proposed projects must be well-designed, scientifically valid, and competitive with current technologies and research works.

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Facilitation Fund

Dana ini disediakan bagi membantu pemohon mengurangkan jurang kegagalan (valley of death) antara fasa pra pengkomersialan kepada pengkomersialan

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InnoFund is a grant scheme which funds the development or improvement of new or existing products, processes or services with elements of innovation. The project must have economic value and improves the societal well-being of the community. InnoFund can be categorized into Enterprise InnoFund (EIF) and Community InnoFund (CIF).

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