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YB Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation Malaysia at Ministerial Meeting Discussions of The Outcome Document “OIC Science, Technology And Innovation Agenda 2026” Speaking Notes

9 September 2017

Good morning.

Minister of the Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Dr. Yousef A. Al-Othaimeen
Secretary-General of the OIC,

Excellencies, the ministerial delegates from OIC member states,


Ladies and Gentlemen,

1. My name is Wilfed Madius Tangau, the Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation Malaysia. Although I am not a muslim by religion, but I am very proud in taking part in this Inaugural Ministerial Meeting of OIC countries in Science & Technology on behalf of Malaysia.

2. We the Malaysian people would like to send this message that unity and collaboration goes beyond religion and faith. We believe that Islam promotes solidarity, peace, harmony and moderation.

3. I would like to thank our gracious host, Kazakhstan for organising the First OIC Summit on Science & Technology. It is this strategic direction of the development of the Islamic world that undoubtedly meets its long-term economic and political interests, and is reflected in the title of the Summit – “Science, Technology, Innovation and Modernization of the Islamic World.”


Mr. Chairman,

4. Malaysia noted the view that a clear understanding of the necessity to completely reduce scientific and technological gaps between Muslim Ummah and developed countries. These will also contribute to the earliest implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and promote the principles of cooperation and solidarity among all OIC Member States.


Mr. Chairman,

5. Malaysia acknowledge the extensive efforts made by OIC Standing Committee on Scientific COMSTECH in consultation with 157 leading scientists from 20 OIC Countries whom had gave their generous time and vision in preparing the OIC STI Agenda 2026.

6. Malaysia noted great emphasis that science is nurtured by governments as much as the social norms of a country, and must be willing to embrace the pursuit of knowledge and its accompanying disruptions. Building a true scientific culture in Muslim countries would require a paradigm shift and greater obligations from governments for building an enabling eco-system. Hence, I believe the 2026 OIC STI Agenda is a comprehensive guidance to becoming one.

7. No matter how advanced the technology or solution, if it is not well understood and received by society, it will not catalyse harmony, prosperity and sustainability. Therefore, Malaysia believes that there is a need, particularly among OIC countries to move society from awareness to being literate on science, technology and innovation (STI) and ultimately to become a scientifically engaged society.


Mr. Chairman,

8. Malaysia sees the priorities set in the 2026 OIC STI Agenda is crucial and will support all the 12 priorities outlined. Malaysia would like to urge all OIC member countries to participate in the name of solidarity and unity for betterment of the society. Let me conclude by assuring you that Malaysia will continue to extend our unwavering support to the OIC.


Thank you.

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