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KUALA LUMPUR (Nov 5, 2012) – The inaugural World Innovation Forum – Kuala Lumpur (WIF-KL) 2012, to be held from Nov 3-7, was officially opened by Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre today.
Jointly organized by Yayasan Inovasi Malaysia (YIM) and the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI), the forum brings together 1,800 representatives from 50 countries to deliberate issues of inclusive innovation, which is key to achieving inclusive growth especially for developing nations.
WIF-KL is one of the main events of the Year of Science and National Innovation Movement 2012, spearheaded by MOSTI in partnership with other ministries and government agencies, NGOs and strategic partners.
Themed ‘Inclusive Innovation for Transformation’, the forum focuses on addressing strategies to utilize innovation to increase the country’s productivity and competitiveness, and reducing poverty and inequality, thus addressing the needs of the people at the economic base of the pyramid.
Datuk Seri Panglima Dr. Maximus Johnity Ongkili, Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, said in order for innovation to successfully transform the economy, inclusive and sustainable innovation has to be undertaken to ensure all sectors of the economy as well as the people benefit from a high-income economy.
“In order to remain competitive, nations need to embark on transforming their economy to a knowledge economy with innovation as its driver.
“A cross-cutting, multi-prong and contextually relevant policies and strategies are also needed in order to meet the needs of the people. WIF-KL 2012 provides a perfect platform for participants to discuss this agenda,” said Datuk Seri Panglima Dr Ongkili.
Three core events including the Kuala Lumpur Innovation Forum (KLIF) 2012, BioMalaysia Conference 2012 and Nano Malaysia Summit 2012 are currently being staged, alongside the World Innovation Exposition which includes the National Innovation Conference & Exhibition (NICE) 2012, Nano Malaysia Exhibition 2012, BioMalaysia Exhibition 2012 and the Grassroots Innovation Exhibition 2012. About 10,000 visitors are expected to visit the various expos.
WIF-KL 2012 is also supported by 10 satellite programs which are executed through strategic approaches in order to reach the target audiences, including at the grassroots level.
Among the satellite programs are the Innovation Walk, YIM Kids Invent! Finale, Asia Grassroots Innovation Design Competition and Forum, 21st Century Learning (Innovation in Education), Anugerah PIALA CIPTA Dengan Inovasi Yo!, Generation and Transform and Roll Out Session, Cyber Security Malaysia Awards Conference & Exhibition (CSM-ACE) 2012, International Symposium on Accelerating Innovation in Developing Countries, TEDx Merdeka Square and WIF-KL Innovation Awards Nite.
The core component of the event, the Kuala Lumpur Innovation Forum (KLIF) 2102, provides a platform for high-level stakeholders from the public, private and civil society sector to share experience as well as discuss and deliberate on issues and strategies on inclusive innovation.
This includes three dialogue and a roundtable think-tank sessions. An interactive and unique youth session entitled ‘Transform and Roll Out Session’ involves brainstorming for solutions to society’s pressing issues.
Yayasan Inovasi Malaysia (YIM) also launched a special programme for the youths called iCATs (INNOVATION CATALYSTS) or PI1M (Penggerak Inovasi 1Malaysia) to get more Malaysian youths to be agents of innovation.
High profile speakers/moderators such as Professor Emeritus Tan Sri Dato’ Lim Kok Wing, Founder & President, Lim Kok Wing University of Creative Technology;  Dr Hamid R. Alavi, Regional Coordinator for Trade and Private Sector Development in the East Asia and Pacific Region, World Bank Group;  Wing K. Lee, Chief Executive Officer, YTL Communications Sdn. Bhd;  Dr James A. Hayward, Chairman, President and CEO, Applied DNA Sciences, USA; Fadzillah Ahmad Din, Senior Director, Business Development Division, SME Corporation and many others have been invited to speak at this forum.
Twenty-five innovators will be awarded with various major innovation awards to recognize innovative and creative efforts performed by enterprises, grassroots, schools, universities, youths, technologist and scientists, among others.
Some of the awards that will be given away on this special occasion are the National Innovation Awards, the National Young Scientist Award, the National Technologist Award, the Most Innovative Information Security Company of The Year Award, Most Innovative Information Security Professional of The Year Award, Bio-Innovation Awards, MIMOS Prestigious Awards, CIPTA Awards and Grassroots Innovators Awards.
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