Strategic Technology and S&T Application Division


  • Determining priority areas of high impact R&D through R&D classification, technology scanning, clearing house technology service provision and scope setting as well as modus operandi of strategic and prioritised R&D areas.
  • Determining R&D /STI initiatives that align with government policies
  • Identifying and highlighting potential new technologies and industry sectors that is able to spur the growth of new markets in STI, via discussion and engagement with stakeholders
  • Coordinating the integrated efforts of R&D implementation among ministries, stakeholders and industry players by identifying funding mechanisms and strategic research classifications to link fundamental and applied research
  • Enacting, monitoring and reviewing policies and guidelines related to STI
  • Identifying areas of expertise and talent to support the development of new technologies and implementation of the national STI programme
  • Identifying infrastructural needs and facility related to STI to support the growth of country
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